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Online business reply mail


The modern, digital solution to business reply mail.

The alternative to business reply mail. is the fast, online way to get responses from your direct mail audience. Instead of filling out a business reply card or picking up the phone, your customer just visits their personal website and gives you the information you want. And, since most people would rather reply online, you're likely to see your response rates increase, too.

Cut down on back-end processing.

Whether you receive responses by business reply mail or telephone, or both, you're spending time and money processing the data. Someone has to sort the mail, enter the data, and process it. With, we receive the data electronically and transmit it to you. It's that easy.

Get the data you want now.

Business reply mail takes time. Time for the post office to deliver it and time for somebody to key in the data. It could be days or even weeks before you receive your customers responses. Why wait, when you can have it now?

A flexible solution for:

  • surveys & questionnaires
  • information requests
  • lead generation
  • event marketing & RSVP
  • newsletter sign-up

This service does not replace your own web site. We don't take product orders, process transactions or transmit secure data. All we do is give your customers a simple, personalized way to communicate with you. And, give you relevant, timely data.

Try it yourself . .

Here is a sample of a simple casino survey. Please click here.

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The fast, easy way to hear what your customers are saying.


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