New for your smart phones users! We can now print MSTag, QR or BeeTagg codes on your mail pieces that will take your smart phone users to their personalized URL (PURL).  
  To start, download TagReader from the app store for iPhone or go to gettag.mobi for other smart phones. For a QR code reader just do a search in the app store for several free applications. We suggest BeeTagg.  
  Then, scan one of the following codes that were created for a hypothetical Taylor Swift concert.*  
QRCode   taylor  

This is MSTag

This is QR Code

This is BeeTagg

  Now enter your special ID on the login page. For this example, enter jfe1234 and click submit. Obviously every mailpiece would have a unique ID for each user. Now you will see your personalized URL (in this case for a user whose name is Jeff). Click "Submit" again and you'll receive a confirmation that your tickets have been ordered.  
  Those actions report the data back to our database and we, in turn, pass it on to you. So, you will know who accessed the site or ordered event tickets or whatever action you asked them to take.  
  * If you are viewing this page with a smart phone and wish to view the concert invite, click here.  
  Smart phone applications like this are getting more and more popular and give you just one more way to reach your audience. For more information on how to make this new technology work for you, speak with your Franklin salesperson or email info@franklin-press.com